Keela is the newest member of our family. She came to live with us when she was five weeks old in September of 2001. She is my daughters cat. She also is a brat. Keela is a wild child. She likes to play and tear things up and make a general nuisance of herself. I can't get a decent picture of her because she wont sit still for more than a second. I can only get her picture when she is half asleep. Thats why she looks stoned.

I guess I will have to update this as Keela grows older. Right now she is just a typical kitten that does cute but annoying kitten things. The little darlin hasn't even started to like little boy kitties yet. But I plan to nip that in the bud real soon. Our little Keela will soon be coming into her own and growing into her unique personality. Stay tuned!!