This is the first award my site has ever received. I am proud to display it on my page. Thank you so much, Dorothea

"It thrills me to present to a fellow Alabamian my "Creative Beauty Award" ! .... You have a wonderful website and I'm pleased to present this award to you !"......Dorothea

I am so pleased to have won this award. I didn't apply for it and that makes it very special. Thank you Dorothea for finding my site worthy of this special award.

" deserve my "Claddagh Award" for Love, Friendship and Loyalty !! .... I designed this award to give out to special people who I think of as online friends and who I respect for their HTML/Web design skills !"..........Dorothea

" are a Fabulous Woman with a Fabulous Website".....Cecilie

"I am very pleased to present to you my Ladies award # 1.... I hope you will enjoy this award & display it proudly on your website"......Kitten







MIDI is "With Love"...arranged, composed and performed by Yuko Ohigashi.
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