Magnolia Lane

On Oct. 16, 2002, Debbie tragically died in a horrible automobile accident,
one day after her 42nd birthday.

She and her daughter, Kristin, were on their way to South Carolina in the early morning before daylight when they came upon a pick-up truck disabled in the middle of the interstate.

Kristin, who was driving, was unable to stop
and they hit the truck at 70 mph.
An 18 wheeler coming behind them
plowed into the whole mess.
Kristin suffered a broken right collar bone,
a minor head injury and bruises and abrasions to her left thigh. She has recovered.

Debbie died
before she could be cut from the vehicle.

Although she is no longer with us,
Debbie's talents should live on.
Please explore through her website and enjoy
the beauty and artistry of this wonderful lady.

Jim Keene, Debbie's father".

Here are some wonderful tributes to Debbie
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The family finds great comfort and pleasure in reading these beautiful pages which display the talent and artistry of this exceptional lady.

Magic Snowglobes Memorial and Sweet DJ Memorial


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Welcome to Magnolia Lane. My name is Debbie and I live in Alabama, the heart of Dixie. I hope you plan to stay awhile. You will meet my family and learn about me, my hobbies and interests. There are many things to see and new pages are added all the time. Make sure to pick up my banner and leave yours in my mailbox or guestbook. Please sign my guestbook on the way out so I will know the way to your home. Pour yourself a glass of lemonade, put on your walking shoes and stroll down Magnolia Lane with me. Hopefully when our time together draws to a close, you will feel like you have made a new friend.

I would like to give special thanks to my friend Claude, aka Lady Bird. This webset never would have happened had it not been for her. She was my eyes and without her great taste and sense of color I would have been lost
...........Thank you Claude
Visit Claude and her beautiful site, Castle Cove.

I also want to thank Claude for this lovely gift

Graphic set by Keene Kreations